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All available releases $7 pp
 LP's $10
"Dick Cheney Saves Paris" Book $12.99
(Book and compilation  $13.00)

Releases by-
BLUE - " IV- Triangulum"
+DOG+ "The Misery of Endless Suffering"
Mulva Myasis- "Introduces Her Friends"
XOME - "Double Live Gonzo" (2x cd)
The Croatoan- "Always Dreaming"
+DOG+ - "The Family Music Book Vol. 2"
Instagon- "Gonzo" 7" EP
Various Artists- "The Museum of Carnal Possibilities"                       
                          (an audio document from houston, tx)
Endometrium Cuntplow / Ginger Cortes- split cassette
Bastard Noise- "Young World"
+DOG+ / Actuary-  "Ritual Filth"  10"  split LP
Mulch- "Mulch 2" cassette
Phog Masheeen- "Shoutland"
Bob Bellerue- "Brokelyn"  12"  LP / cassette
Justin Marc Lloyd- "Your"
Hogra / Oxycodone split cassette
+DOG+ - "A Separate Secret World"
Destroy Date- "Inner Dialogue"
KK NULL- "Vulcanoid"
BLUE- " Kappa Crusis"
Ego Death- "10 Ways To Go Emotionally Bankrupt"
Hiroshi Hasegawa- "Never Ending Story of Noise Forest"
Brutal Truth- "End Time" 8 track
PCRV- "Note To Self"
+DOG+ re release of "Luddite Revolution" for download on 4 Eyes
+DOG+ - "The Family Music Book Vol. 1 "
RJ Myato- "Insane Youth" cassette
Liver Cancer- "Adrenalflag Cirrosismantis Livormortis"
Circuit Wound- "Distress"
Actuary / Juhyo split 7" flexi disc
Hogra/Hexteria- Split cassette
Bastard Noise/ Actuary 12" split LP
Novasak- "Cumulative Errors"
Phog Masheeen- "The Eternal Battle of Heat & Cold
BLUE II- "the fornax variations" cassette
Richard Ramirez- "The Swimming Hole"
+DOG+ "Fuck Faced Failures"
Brutal Poodle- "Trichotillomania"
Merzbow / Actuary 12" split LP
Medicine Cabinet- "Discordant Ovation"
Conscious Summary- 7" ep
Endometrium Cuntplow- "Floods & Ruptures" cass.-
BLUE- "kepler- 20F" cassette
Pretty Agony- "Game Stayer" 
Bete Lumineuse/Lortie - Split Cassette-
Actuary/Marion Barry "God is Back, and He's Hungry"- 7" split
the Transhumans- "Sink"
Dental Work- "Fruit of Lebanon" 7"
+DOG+ - "Greetings from Moot Point, CA"
Chopstick - "Black Hole"
Liver Cancer - "Children of the Vortex"
Cock E.S.P./Actuary - Split 7"
Winters in Osaka/Actuary - Split 7"
Aderlating/Actuary - Split cassette
Jolthrower - "II"
Crank Sturgeon - "Mashacoustic"
Endometrium Cuntplow - "Ecoplasty"
Instagon - "Scary City"
Actuary/Bastard Noise - "Skeletal Uncertainty" - Split 12" LP
+DOG+ - "Forced Morality"
Phog Masheen - "23 Duets"
Actuary/Black Scorpio Underground - "Metamorphosis of the Transgressor" split cassette
Dental Work - "The Rainbow of Dope"
Last Rape/Pollutive Static - split
Electro Static Orchestra - "A Steady Diet of Broken Glass"
AMK - "29 Palms"
+DOG+ - "Bliss"
En Nihil - "The Absolute"
Portable Noise Kremator - "Asynchronous Death Modeller"
Endometrium Cuntplow - "Burn, Los Angeles, Burn" -
The Family Chapter - "This Machine is Obsolete"
Liver Cancer - "Horrible Moment"
DDDD - "frustration music"
Actuary/+DOG+ 7" split
Chad Williams "The Vision Fields"
Instagon "Thee Screams ov Angels on Thee Deaf Ears ov Man"
Bavab Bavab "Fire Petals in the Sky"
Chopstick "Forgiveness Please"
Kawaiietly Please "A Moment of Silence"  3"
The Sick Tour

-Necroparthenophagy/LAYR 3" split cd on eleventh key (
-Mauthausen Orchestra- "Under Control"  7" ( Placenta Recordings)

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June 5th 8pm

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