Love Earth Music


L'eclipse Nue "Faces From Dreams"

+DOG+ "X2"

Chuck Steak "Why Do Animals Kill?"

+DOG+ "X1"

+DOG+ /Angelsbreath split

This Is Not Okay "Everyone Gave Up, No One Cares"

+DOG+ "The Family Music Book, Vol. 3"

+DOG+ "The Ship Of Dreams"

Astro/Ego Death "Crossing The Line Between Life & Death"

Street Rat "Old World Elegies"

Silent Remission/ AKBK "Kudaku Influence"

*many other LEM releases- check the releases page here on the site*



Live in Lincoln, MA - Feb 2021- outside show- details TBA


April 1,  2021 4pm EST/7pm PST

Wonder Valley Experimental 13- w/ many great bands


April 10, 2021

+DOG+/Andrea Pensado duo

streaming live set- details TBA


July 17, 2021-

NENF '21 virtual streaming fest w/ 50+ bands- details TBA