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+DOG+ Discography-

"Our Beloved....."  on Love Earth Music

"Peace" on Love Earth Music

"Angel Wings" on Love Earth Music

"Temporary Gardens" on Mechanical Presence Records

"X10" on Love Earth Music

"To Share Forever With You" on Love Earth Music

"Desecration Tales" +DOG+ /Bastard Noise collab on Love Earth Music

"X9" on Love Earth Music

"Legacy of Love" on Love Earth Music

"The Family Music Book Vol. 4" on Love Earth Music

"X8" on Love Earth Music

"The" on Mechanical Presence Records

"X7" on Love Earth Music

"The Miracle Ending Is Laughter "  LP on Love Earth Music

"Niose" ego death/ +DOG+ split on Love Earth Music

+DOG+ / New Grasping Machina split cass. on Mostly Mayonnaise Musicalities

"X6" on Love Earth Music

"Blooming Flower vol. 2" on Love Earth Music

"Blooming Flower vol. 1" on Love Earth Music

"X5" on Love Earth Music

"X4" on Love Earth Music

"Ad Infinitum" on Love Earth Music

"X3" on Love Earth Music

"X2" on Love Earth Music

"X1" on Love Earth Music

+DOG+ / Angelsbreath  split on Love Earth Music/ cass. version released on Swollen Gargantuan Fecal Fetus

"The Family Music Book Vol. 3" on Love Earth Music

"The Ship Of  Dreams" on Love Earth Music

"Lethal System" +DOG+ / Pain Chain split 7" on Mutual Aid Records

"Helpless" on Love Earth Music

+DOG+ / God Pussy split on Abstinencia Anti- Music

"split/collab" w/ Chuck Steak on Mutual Aid Records

 "Die Robot" on Love Earth Music

 "10,585" on Love Earth Music

 "Bless The Beasts & Children" on Love Earth Music

 "Diogenes" on Love Earth Music

 "The Strangers" on Love Earth Music
+DOG+ / mASScOMM- split cassette on Urgent Telepathy Recordings
"The Misery of Endless Suffering" on love earth music
"The Family Music Book  Vol. 2" on love earth music
+DOG+ /Actuary- "Ritual Filth"  10" split LP on love earth music
"God bless you ___ wherever you are"  on The Pet Goat Records
 "a separate secret world" on love earth music
 "north bluffs" on Placenta Recordings
 "fallen angels" e.p. downloadable release on
  re-release of "Luddite Revolution" (LEM-01) on 4 Eyes
  "The Family Music Book Vol.1" on love earth music
  "wasp"  on petite soles
  "fuck faced failures" on love earth music
  "only darkness" on smell the stench
  "creature comforts" cass. on Brise Cul Records
+DOG+/ Armenia split on Let's See What's In Your Head
  "Greetings from Moot Point, CA" on love earth music
  "Human, Inhuman" Downloadable on Misspelled Records
  "Physiology of Crying" Cassette on Christian Pop Records

  "Public Disgrace" on Placenta Records

  "Forced Morality" on Love Earth Music

  "signs" cassette on Scotch Tapes
  "Bliss"  on love earth music
+DOG+/Endometrium Cuntplow "Urban Letdown" split cassette on Love Torture Records
  "acoustic shadow"  on love earth music
  "breezy" cassette on Banned Production
+DOG+/Actuary split 7" EP on love earth music
"stay gold" on love earth music
"hot borders"  on love earth music
"hx. of violencia"  on
"recycled music" cassette on RRRecords
"the winds, the rain" (split w/the Transhumans) on love earth music
"dust"  on Paper Cuts Records
"spiritual awakening" on love earth music
"terror in the cinema"  (+DOG+/THE SICK TOUR) on love earth music
"a grisly tableau of carnage"  on Harshnoise
"sea horses"  on love earth music
"mind candy"  on turgid animal
"analheim" downloadable album on
"human garbage"  on audiobot
"the P's" cassette on smell the stench
"fantasmas mirandome"  on rape art productions
"west coast class war" - cassette on BT recordings
"industrial accidents"  on love earth music
"plastic surgery"  on love earth music
"blood"  on love earth music
"live at the Liquid Den"  on love earth music
"luddite revolution"  on love earth music
"NBIS"  on tochnit aleph
"3-headed death dog"  on Detector
"bombed and dangerous" 7" EP on Detector
"egg of dog" 7" EP on stomach ache
"live in CA" cassette on pasteurella gardens
"2 PCP Live" cass. on Butt Tapes/LEM
"DNA=LSD" cass. on Butt Tapes/LEM

compilation tracks on-

A Warchest Compilation for Political Prisoners on Mutual Aid Records

P.A.I.N in New England on Jouissance du Rien, Watchtower Imprint, Cruel & Unusual Sounds, Mutual Aid Records

New England is Cold comp. on Secret Fetish Transmissions

Even A Pandemic Cant Keep US Quiet - Norcal Noisefest 2020 comp.

Intolerance Will Not Be Tolerated comp on Mutual Aid Records

Midwest Harshfest 2017 comp on Trash Fuck Records
Norcal Noisefest 2015 comp. on NCNF records
The Big California Noise comp. on TIF (
Norcal Noisefest 2014 comp. on NCNF records
Intonarumori- Norcal Noisfest 2013 comp on NCNF records
LA Dissonance Party comp. on Obfuscated Records
Instagons Greatest Hits- "scary city (nightfall) on Tif  ( - "izote"
2012 Norcal Noisefest comp.
"23 seconds of time vol. 5" on AIN 23
"noise warning" 2011 NorCal NoiseFest comp
Paper Cuts Records comp.  Vol. 1
"The Junk Drawer is Open" NorCal Noise Fest 2010 comp CD on
Eugene Noisefest comp on
"Hey, Hey, What's That Sound"  on NCNF recordings '09
"STS-400" downloadable album
"Blood Ties Document 2007" existence establishment
"audio roadkill vol. 1"  on Tif (
"your feedback is appreciated"  on NCNF recordings
"L.A. Noisescape"  on Bastardised Recordings"
"pass the doughnut-shaped cushion, alice" cassette on BT Recordings
"tenure"  on NCNF recordings
"if opera's not your thing"  on NCNF recordings
"no maniacs only"  on NCNF recordings
"this one goes to eleven"  on NCNF recordings
"best of various"  on love earth music
"japan-american noise treaty"  on release/relapse
"easter, eggs and puberty" 7" on ignivomous
"new splendid IV"  on new splendid
"screw"  on entartete kunst recordings
"RRR-500" LP on RRRecords
"woodblock" cassette on sound probe
"accidents have no holidays" on povertech industries