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Matt Luczak  "Sony Guts"

+DOG+  "Our Beloved....."

Hot Tag

God Pussy "Trilogia Do Terceiro Mundo"

Commode Minstrels in Bullface- "Demonion Abyss Broadcast" DVD

+DOG+ "Peace"

Howard Stelzer / Richard Youngs "This Is It"​

Peace & Love "New American Extremist"

Bison Squad "Prodigal Nothingness"

​Spacial Absence "Clear The Airwaves"

Deftly Demolition "Quantum Sleeper"

E.O.C. "Dreams"

subservientdominance / Peasant Farm "Engineered For Oppression  12" LP

Money "Money"

Midnight Only

Eddie Lee Sausage / {AN} EEL  

"Inner Plains"

Instagon "Ghost Hunting" 12" LP

Unredeemable  "Preverbal"

Cosmic Cars "Soft Attack"

Modelbau "Blackout" 12" LP

+DOG+ "Angel Wings"  12" LP

Flesh Shuddering "Scissors"

Macronympha / New Grasping Machina- split 

Thee Checkered Shoe Dude " A 'Lit Test of That"

Chefkirk "Giant Size"

+D:A+ "2" ( dog/diagram A collab)

​Rudolf / Alice Kemp "Skinned Alight" 12" LP- *SOLD OUT*

Blue Collar Calling "Anxiety Attack"   12" LP

Luca Sciarratta  "de sobnet ach"

Juice Machine "Broken and Dilapidated"

+DOG+  "X10"

DJ Sid James "Perricone's Coat

Compactor  "United"

Extra "Spiral Athletics"

V/A- Gnawing Teeth/Mallard Theory/Vasectomy Party/Takeshita split 

+DOG+ "To Share Forever With You"

Zilmrah "Hallucinatory X-Ray Visions"

Bastard Noise / +DOG+ 
"Desecration Tales" 12" LP

Caleb Chase " Looking At Bugs Under A Log"

Keach "Never Alone"

Inlet Terror  "It Came From The Shore" 

Viliji "I Came From Nothing"


Threes and Will & Huerequeque 

​"Blood River Poort"

Peace & Love "New American Nihilist"​

+DOG+  "X9"

Gintas K "Sound & Spaces #2"

​​+DOG+ "Legacy of Love"

Elka Bong "Elektro Locution  12" LP

Abdul Sherzai "Idle Passage"

Dying In Space "002"

Modelbau "Inlets"

+DOG+ "The Family Music Book Vol. 4"

Closer Bones "Living a Nightmare: Road to Disaster"

Awkward Geisha / Eugene Chadbourne 7" vinyl split

L'eclipse Nue "Degradation Bliss" LP

Crank Sturgeon / Chefkirk "Nice To Err With You"  

Lackthrow "Difficult to Maintain"

Abrasion Addict "Brutalist Detritus"

+DOG+  "X8"

Howard Stelzer "The Flemish Giants"

New Grasping Machina "Night Terrors"

The Mystery "The Mystery Sees The Burden"

+DOG+  "X7"

​The New Harnessians "Dolor"

God Pussy "Rudimentar Desejo de Liberdade"

+DOG+ "The Miracle Ending Is Laughter" LP

​Rudolf Eb. er / Awkward Geisha "Maledicti" LP - *SOLD OUT*


Instagon "When Thee Earth Makes Oil"

Claus Poulsen + Boban Ristevski "The Catcher In The Rye"

Luer "Point of Reference"

​ego death / +DOG+  split "Niose" 

+DOG+  "X6"

KPG & Infrasubcontra collab- "KPG Meets Infrasubcontra"

Awkward Geisha / Reiko. A & Rohco "Sketches of Pain"

​+DOG+ "Blooming Flower vol. 2"

Nodolby "Intrusive Thoughts"

GX Jupitter-Larsen "Ross Distracted" 12" LP  *SOLD OUT*

diagram: angelsbreath "Control Track" (Diagram A / Angelsbreath collab)

Le Chien Nu "II"

​Bastard Noise "Young World 

Ten Gallon Hat "Pull Up A Hat"

Formaldehydra  "Volume 5"

+DOG+ "X5"

Circuit Wound / Lackthrow split

​+DOG+ "Blooming Flower Vol 1"

NxCx "Human Shield"

Threes And Will  "Black Chamber"

+DOG+ "X4"

+D:A+ "Cybernetic Cynocephaly"

Incapacitants / Harsh Noise Movement split- "Phobiaphobia"

Errant Space  "Slow Wave"

​Missionary Position "Vaginal Witchery"

+DOG+ "Ad infinitum"

Jolthrower "The Last Sip"

+DOG+ "X3"

L'eclipse Nue "Faces From Dreams"

+DOG+ "X2"

+DOG+ "X1"

+DOG+ /Angelsbreath split

+DOG+ "The Family Music Book, Vol. 3"

+DOG+ "The Ship Of Dreams"

Astro/Ego Death "Crossing The Line Between Life & Death"

Street Rat "Old World Elegies"

Silent Remission/ AKBK "Kudaku Influence"

+all discs $7 / LPs $15

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+DOG+ July 25th  7pm @ Holyoke Media, 1 Court Plaza, Holyoke MA-

w/ Abdul Sherzai, Dr. Rachel D.W. Rowe, KaneLoggia Hypothesis​​

+DOG+ Aug 17th 12pm @ NENF 2024 at the Firehouse, Worcester -details TBA


NENF 2021 parts 1 & 2 can be seen here-

(pt. 1)

​(pt. 2)